Little People

Donation for Little People organization – from Anji Reddy memorial fund and involvement in FUN SCHOOL project


In 2014, Dr. Reddy’s India offered us the opportunity to select a nonprofit organization whose activities synergise with our local engagements and with global corporate activitieis. The organization would be the beneficiary of a donation from the “Anji Reddy” fund. This fund was created to commemorate the founder of our company, Dr. Anji Reddy, who remained in our collective memory as a remarkable scientist, innovator, visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and business man, whose goal was to bring innovative medicine at affordable prices in the market for patients across the world.

We focused on the Little People organization, given that they are engaged in reintegrating children, who have overcome grave diseases, into school and society and enabling them to follow their dreams.

Together with Little People, Dr. Reddys supports the active execution of the Fun School educational programme. This programme brings the school in the hospital, offering to little cancer patients a fundamental right: the right to education. In January – August 2015, in three pediatric oncology units from Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Târgu-Mureș around 35 childred benefitted from educational activities within a fun school.