Code of Ethics

To guide us in our efforts, Dr. Reddy’s adopted a Business Code of Ethics (BCE), that applies to all of its administrators, management and employees, no matter the position, branch or location. BCE establishes the principles that need to guide our conduit and explains how we can apply them in a practical manner in our work places and our relationship with others – our coworkers, colleagues, associates, authority and media.

At the same time, the company guides itself by the rules and legislations that are in force in various markets, in order to be completely compliant with the requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, Dr. Reddy’s Romania follows a marketing code, that governs all promoting activities, in accordance with the principles unanimously accepted by the Corporation everywhere in the world

According to the provisions of MH Order no. 194/2015, drugs distributors and producers must declare to ANMDM all sponsorship activities, as well as any sums paid during the previous year to healthcare professionals, professional organizations, patient organizations, and any other type of organization performing activities related to human health, medical or pharmaceutical assistance.

For the observance of the applicable legal provisions, Dr. Reddy’s declared to ANMDM all this information, which you can also find by accessing the following link :