Life at Dr.Reddy's

Life at Dr.Reddy's

In the last two decades, people with talent and potential played an important role in defining and accelerating Dr. Reddy’s performance in Romania. The conducive environment in which we work at Dr. Reddy’s is beneficial to our employees, so they can exceed their individual limitations and, at the same time, work better as a team to achieve a common success. \

We think that magic is born when people with different abilities share a common value system and work together towards reaching the same goals.

As a member of our team you will be able to:

Make the world a healthier place:

Every day, patients in the entire world leave their health in our hands and trust us. We’ve earned their trust due to our integrity, the quality of our products and organizational transparency. We invite you to be part of a team that doesn’t believe in compromise for the sake of short-term success.

You are part of a team that cares

We are dedicated to the community in which we work, for which we organize programs to give it safety and well-being. In all fields and departments, Dr. Reddy’s employees are concerned with protecting others.

You can enjoy professional freedom to create performance

With us, you will find the best environment to develop yourself. With us, you will find the freedom to experiment and be creative. You will have the possibility to discover your own potential and to create an impact in any field in which you will conduct your activity.

You learn continuously and improve yourself permanently

We make efforts to exceed the boundaries of knowledge. No matter what the field you choose, you will have access to the most innovative information. We will actively support you in your professional development and will offer you the possibility to have access to high quality learning resources.

You can expect to be treated with respect

We believe in respecting every individual, no matter what their position in the company. At Dr. Reddy’s you will be heard and you will have the possibility to express your opinion. You will be able to interact with any of our leaders. At the same time, our colleagues will expect the same behavior from you and your respect.


Employees talk

I believe the saying “unity in diversity” perfectly describes Dr. Reddy's.

Vijay Palamadai Country Manager
Vijay Palamadai

I am convinced that with Dr. Reddy’s you can build a profitable career.

Cristina Garlasu Corporate Affairs Manager
Cristina Garlasu

Dr.Reddy's – the company that helps me every day to become the leader of tomorrow.

Mihaela Codreanu Product Manager
Mihaela Codreanu

I appreciate the fact that Dr. Reddy’s places human values above the material ones.

Ovidiu Popescu Senior Medical Representative
Ovidiu Popescu

I consider Dr. Reddy’s more of a family, that helped me to improve myself in all aspects, than a job.

Marian Balasoiu Business Development Manager
Marian Balasoiu

We support medics in their efforts to provide the best solution for the treatment of patients

Ion Tecuci Director National Promovare
 Ion Tecuci

After the 12 years spent here, Dr. Reddy's is my second family.

Marian Mitroi Business & Market Intelligence
Marian Mitroi