Cancer is a growing disease in Romania, being the second highest reason for mortality after cardiovascular diseases. It needs special treatment and continuous care in each stage. Understanding patients and their needs, Dr. Reddy’s has developed a wide array of high quality products for the treatment of cancer. With an entire spectrum of cytostatic, special and sustaining therapies, Dr. Reddy’s portfolio is meant to eliminate cancer and the secondary effects due to conventional therapy, effectively.

Name Concentration Form Active Substance
Osetron 4 mg; 8 mg Injectable solution Ondansetron
Osetron 4 mg; 8 mg Coated Tablets Ondansetron
Granored 1 mg; 2 mg Coated Tablets Granisetrone
Capecitabine Dr.Reddy’s 500 mg Coated Tablets Capecitabine
Zoledronic acid Dr.Reddy’s 4 mg/5 ml Concentrate for perfusion Zoledronic acid