Throughout Europe and also in Romania, Femibion is one of the top brands of prenatal vitamins. Femibion is especially made to provide the micronutrients essential for pregnant or lactating women, or those planning to have children. Launched in 2011, the Femibion brand, with its two versions Femibion Healthy Pregnancy 1 and Femibion Healthy Pregnancy 2, is the second largest selling prenatal vitamin brand in the region due to its demonstrated advantages.

Guided by the belief “Good Health Can’t Wait.”, Dr. Reddy's Romania widened its product portfolio by acquiring the Femibion brand in 2015, and starting a strategic partnership with Merck Consumer Healthcare (Germany). As a result of the partnership, Dr. Reddy's has the rights to market the Femibion brand in Romania.

Food Supplements:

Name Concentration Forma Active substance
Femibion Healthy Pregnancy 1   Coated Tablets Folic acid, Metafolin, essential vitamins, iodine
Femibion Healthy Pregnancy 2   Coated Tablets & Capules Folic acid, Metafolin, 10 essential vitamins, iodine and DHA