Thirst for air

Breathing is an innate need, which appears with the first heartbeat.


Addressing the unmet needs of patients is one of our promises at Dr. Reddy’s and this story is one instance of how we achieved this in Romania.

Breathing is the first sign of life and a healthy respiratory system is closely related with good psychosomatic development.

Globally, one of the most common respiratory illnesses is asthma. It is estimated that in Romania, between 4% and 6% of the population suffers from this disease.

Asthma involves a complex diagnosis. Patients need to be monitored continuously and re-examined periodically. Family physicians need to actively assist patients in adhering to their treatment regimen.

In urban areas, it is possible to achieve this through periodic evaluations and tests. However, rural areas lack the necessary infrastructure. Following request from family physicians in rural Romania, to help them in diagnosis and treatment of asthma, in 2013, we launched the “Thirst for Air” campaign to meet this need. We empaneled competent doctors and put them in touch with family physicians to help in diagnosis and treatment of asthma in rural centres. Till date, over 2000 people have had their respiratory functions tested throughout the country.

The “Thirst for air” project continues because “Good Health Can’t Wait”. – GOOD HEALTH CAN’T WAIT!