I want to reach the 9th grade

Together with World Vision


Dr. Reddy’s and World Vision Romania joined forces to prevent school dropouts at the middle school level, especially for children without financial means.

In Romania, 1 of 2 children from the rural areas cannot continue their studies beyond middle school level, most of them due to financial problems.

The children selected in this project come from Cluj, Iasi, Dolj, Ialomita and Valcea counties. They have good grades and want to continue their studies beyond the VIIIth grade but their families do not possess the financial resources to cover the costs that education entails.

The project started as a response to a corporate responsibility activity (CSR) executed by Dr. Reddy’s in India, trying, through local means, to support children willing to continue their studies beyond middle school. We thought that we could give them a chance to follow their dream, easily struck down by poverty that unfortunately characterizes many rural areas in Romania.

Employees donate a sum of money every month that is then doubled by the company and added to the World Vision investments. Thus, a fund was created from which children without financial means are supported to continue their studies.